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AIJ 1999 to 2002
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Intelligence 2000 1999 (Volume 19, Number 1&2)

  • The Threat: An Intelligence Assessment
    Statement by Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet, before the Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing on Current and Projected National Security Threats, 2 February1999
  • Intelligence in the 21st Century
    Admiral William A. Owens, USN (Ret.)
  • Relevant Information and All-Source Analysis: The Emerging Revolution
    Robert D. Steele
  • Joint Intelligence in Support of Peace Operations
    Colonel H. Allen Boyd, USA (Retired)
  • Working on a Combined Staff in the Republic of Korea
    Captain Robert E. Goodson, Jr.
  • A Report on the Study of Technology Protection - Recommendations for Change
    Maynard C. Anderson
  • Foreign Efforts to Deal with the Y2K Problem
    Testimony of Lawrence K. Gershwin, National Intelligence Officer for Science and Technology, National Intelligence Council, Government Management, Information and Technology Subcommittee of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, 20 January 1999
  • Genetic Algorithms in Intelligence Applications
    John S. Wagner, Ph.D.
  • First Contact: Cultural Variability and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations Agents
    Dr. Abigail Gray-Briggs and Major Joe Hoppa
  • Leading Intelligence in the 21st Century: Past as Prologue?
    David M. Keithly
  • An Unwitting Spy: The Ambassador Who Knew Too Much
    Ben Fisher, CIA History Staff
  • OSS and Italian Partisans in World War II: Intelligence and Operational Support for the Anti-Nazi Resistance
    Peter Tompkins
  • George Washington: Master Intelligence Officer
    Major General Edmund R. Thompson, USA (Ret)
  • Editor's Book Reviews
    Col Roy Jonkers, USAF (Ret.)

Reconnaissance Intelligence Winter 1999-2000 (Volume 19, Number 3&4)

  • The National Reconnaissance Office -- Freedom's Sentinel in Space
    The Honorable Keith R. Hall, Director, NRO
  • Planning Satellite Reconnaissance to Suport Military Operations
    Thomas Behling and Kenneth McGruther
  • Satellite Commercial remote Sensing -- The Sum of The Parts is a Greater Whole
    Heffrey Harris
  • Air Force Surveillance and Reconnaissance: Conducting Information Operations in a Volatile World
    Colonel Herbert Kemp, USAF, and Colonel Michael Grebb, USAFR
  • Army Airborne Reconnaaissance: Achieving the Electronic High Ground
    Colonel Al Griffith, USA (Ret.)
  • Long Range Dismounted Reconnaissance: Some Perceptions
    Colonel J.H. "Scot" Crerar, USA (Ret.)
  • Blind Man's Bluff: A Submarine Reconnaissance Story
    Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew
  • From Concept to Naitonal Policy: Strategic Reconnaissance in the Cold War
    R. Cargill Hall
  • The Oxcart Tale: ELINT and Stealth
    Eugene S. Poteat
  • The Nature and Applications of Measurement and Signature Intelligence
    John Morri
  • Lt General Samuel V. Wilson: Extraordinary Intelligence Officer
    Kenneth J. Campbell, Ph.D.

Defense Counterintelligence Winter 2000-2001 (Volume 20, Number 1&2)

  • Department of Defense Counterintelligence (CI): A DoD CI Staff Perspective
    Jim Linnen ODASD (S&IO/CI)
  • The AFOSI Counterintelligence Mission: Past, Present, and the Future
    Colonel William R. Arnold, USAF (Ret.
  • Marine Corps Counterintelligence Support to the Warfighter, Past, Present and Future
    Mr. Michael Decker and Captain Christopher B. Batts, USMC
  • Army Counterintelligence
    Major Francis Buzek, USA
  • Reviving DoD Strategic Counterintelligence: An Appeal to the "NCIX"
    Colonel Stuart Herrington, USA (Ret.)
  • Presidential Decision Directive CI-21 Counterintelligence
    Colonel Roy K. Jonkers, USAF (Ret.)
  • Investigating the Walker Espionage Crime Scene
    Mr. Brian A. Cashman
  • Security and Motivational Factors in Espionage
    Mr. Terry Thompson, CIA
  • Counterintelligence: Spy vs. Spy, Traitor vs. Traitor
    Mr. S. Eugene Poteat, CIA (Ret.)
  • Counterintelligence and HUMINT in the U.S. Civil War
    Dr. David M. Keithly
  • Recent Espionage Cases 1975-1999
    Defense Security Service
  • The VENONA Progeny: Soviet Espionage in America
    COL Hayden B. Peake, USA (Ret.)
  • CIC Records: A Valuable Tool for Researchers
    Mr. Kevin C. Ruffner, CIA History Staff

2002 (Volume 21, Number 1&2)

  • The Newly Revived National Imagery and Mapping Agency: Geospatial Imagery & Intelligence in 2002 and Beyond
    James R. Clapper, Jr., LtGen, USAF (Retired), Director, NIMA
  • Committing to a Future of Supremacy
    Terry Ryan
  • Prepared Testimony of Attorney General John Ashcroft before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, December 6, 2001
    Attorney General John Ashcroft
  • The Ten Rules of Counterintelligence
    James M. Olson
  • Privatized Intelligence's Ethics
    Peter F. Kalitka
  • The Commercial Satellite Multispectral Imagery (MSI) Threat
    Chief Warrant Officer Four Thomas J.
  • Intelligence, Gulf War Illnesses and Public Perceptions of Conspiracies
    Christopher M. Centner
  • The Origins of the Military Attaché Corps
    Colonel John Prout, USA (Retired)
  • The Role of Intelligence in President Jimmy Carter's Troop Withdrawal Decisions
    Captain Fred Hoffman, USAR
  • Guerilla Patriot: The Intelligence Gathering Efforts and Battle Tactics of Francis Marion
    Paul A. Thomsen
  • Major General Jack E. Thomas Intelligence Leader and Scholar
    Kenneth J. Campbell, Ph.D.
  • Book Reviews
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