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AIJ 1995 to 1998
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Intelligence and National Policy, Spring/Summer 1995 (Volume 16, Number 1)

  • NMIA: The First Twenty Years - A Thumbnail Sketch
    No Author Named
  • Letter to Defense Intelligence Professionals and the Journal - Introduction to the Anniversary Edition
    The Honorable Arlen Specter, Chairman, SSC/I
  • IC21: The Intelligence Community in the 21st Century - Introduction to the Anniversary Edition
    The Honorable Larry Combest, Chairman, HPSC/I
  • National Intelligence Priorities: Remarks to the Intelligence Community
    President William B. Clinton
  • Intelligence Community Challenges: Statement to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
    The Honorable John M. Deutch, DCI
  • Roles and Capabilities of the Intelligence Community
    The late Honorable Les Aspin
  • Meeting the Challenge Then, Now and Tomorrow
    The Honorable Jeffrey K. Harris, Director NRO
  • Assessing Joint Warfighting Capability
    BGEN Robert R. Hicks, Jr., USA, OJCS
  • The Challenge for Intelligence
    MGEN Kenneth A. Minihan, USAF, ACS/Intelligence
  • Coast Guard Operational Intelligence in an Evolving World
    CAPT Bob Haneberg, LCDR Dan Laliberte and Mr. Aaron Danis, USCG
  • The Evolution of CIA Accountability
    Professor Loch K. Johnson, University of Georgia
  • For the President's Eyes Only, Book Review
    Hayden B. Peake, Literary Editor, AIJ
  • Previews of Hell: Intelligence, the Bomb, and the Invasion of Japan
    Dr. Edward J. Drea
  • The Nisei Contribution to the Allied Victory in the Pacific
    Colonel S. Ishio, AUS (Retired)
  • Call Retreat: The Johnson Administration's Vietnam Policy, March 1967 to March 1968
    Robert W. Crawford
  • Denial and Deception: Iraq and Beyond
    Dr. David Kay
  • A Profile of the First Director of DIA: Lieutenant General Joseph F. Carroll
    Dr. Kenneth Campbell
  • Intelligence Notes
    RADM (Ret) Donald Harvey, USN
  • Editor's Book Reviews
    Col Roy K. Jonkers, USAF (Retired)

The Future of US Intelligence/ AIJ Index Issue Autumn/Winter 1995 (Volume 16, Number 2&3)

  • IC21 &emdash; The Intelligence Community in the 21st Century & The Intelligence Community Act of 1996 Statement by the Honorable Larry Combest, Chairman, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, US Congress
  • Preparing for the 21st Century - An Appraisal of U.S. Intelligence Report of the Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community 1 March 1996
  • The Need to "Right-Size" and Rebuild the Community - Preparing for the 21st Century
  • The Cost of Intelligence - Preparing for the 21st Century
  • The Defense Intelligence Agency, National and Military Intelligence for the 21st Century
    LtGen Kenneth A. Minihan
  • Intel XXI--The Intelligence Vision for Force XXI
    LTG Paul E. Menoher, Jr.
  • The US Imagery System - Accelerated Architecture Acquisition Initiative
    Annette J. Krygiel, D.Sc
  • Project Pathfinder: Breaking the Barriers to More Effective Intelligence Analysis
    Michael G. Knapp and Timothy B. Hendrickson
  • Intelligence Production's Future Shock
    David Kercher
  • Understanding the Objectives of Terrorism
    Captain William C. Thomas, USAF
  • The Road to the Anglo-American Intelligence Partnership
    Bradley F. Smith
  • Hanoi's Intent: Khe Sanh and the Tet Offensive
    Captain Ronnie E. Ford, USA
  • The Battle of Brandywine - An Intelligence Evaluation of General George Washington's Tactical Operations
  • During The Battle Along The Brandywine, 11 September 1777 by Paul J. Sanborn
  • Editor's Book Reviews
    Roy Jonkers
  • Intelligence Notes
    RADM Don Harvey, USN (Ret.)
  • American Intelligence Journal Index

A Variety of Challenges: Selection from the Intelligence Spectrum 1996 (Volume 17, Number 1&2)

  • Conflict in the Information Age: Threat and Response
    LtGen Kenneth A. Minihan, USAF, Director, National Security Agency
  • Medical Intelligence: Making A Difference
    COL Gerard Schumeyer, USA, Director, Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center
  • Intelligence and the Department of Energy: New Approaches
    Notra Trulock III, Director, Office of Energy Intelligence, Dept. of Energy
  • Measurement and Signature Intelligence: Role and Impact
    John L. Morris, SES, Director, Central MASINT Office, DIA
  • Excellence in Expeditionary Intelligence
    LTC Robert W. Livingston, US Marine Corps
  • Open Source Intelligence: Why It Is Important to the Military
    Robert D. Steele, President, OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS, Inc.
  • Competitive Intelligence and the Counterintelligence "Equalizer"
    COL (USA, Ret.) Peter F. Kalitka, President, Delta Four Associates
  • Meeting the Challenges of a Changing World
    Robert E. Leggett, Chief, Customer Coordination Group, DCI Center for the Study of Intelligence
  • The New NRO: A CMS Perspectve
    Richard J. Wilhelm, Executive Director Intelligence Community Affairs, DCI
  • Irregular Warfare: A Different Kind of Threat
    Jeffrey B. White, SES, Chief, Regional Military Assessments, DIA
  • Estimating the Future
    Professor Joseph S. Nye, Harvard University
  • Project Venona: Breaking Soviet Message Codes
    Dr. David A. Hatch, Director, Center for Cryptologic History, NSA
  • Civil War Intellignece: A New Perspective on Command Decisions
    Edwin C. Fishel, Author
  • Admiral Bobby Ray Inman: A Study in Intelligence Leadership
    Commander Robert Cosgriff, USN (Ret.) and Professor Kenneth J. Campbell
  • Editor's Book Reviews
    Col Roy K. Jonkers, USAF (Ret.)
  • Intelligence Notes
    RADM Donald Harvey, USN (Ret.)

Command Support Intelligence 1997 (Volume 17, Number 3&4)

  • Disaster Over Armenia: A Personal Recollection
    Colonel (Ret.) Jack Morris
  • Intelligence Authorization Act Report, 105th Congress
    The Honorable J. Porter Goss, Chairman HPSC/I
  • Split-Based Intelligence for Central Region Operations
    BG Robert W. Noonan, USA, USCENTCOM
  • Special Operations Intelligence : Meeting 21st Century Challenges
    Colonel Donald Faint, USA and Captain Robert Gearhart, USAF, USSOCOM
  • Intelligence for Worldwide Transport and Logistics Operations
    Colonel Eric C. Peterson, USAF, USTRANSCOM
  • National Imagery and Mapping: Guaranteeing an Information Edge
    BGEN John W. Bill Rutledge, USAF
  • Cryptologic Support to Military Operations
    Alfred Monteiro, Jr.
  • Reprogramming Brilliant Weapons: A New Role for MASINT
    LTC Don Atkins, USAF and Major George Crawford, USAF
  • Warfighter Intelligence for Operations Other Than War
    Colonel Richard Ricardelli, USA
  • Information Operations in Bosnia: A Preliminary Assessment
    Colonel Kenneth Allard, USA (Ret.)
  • Battlespace 2000: Intelligence Communications for Deployed Naval Forces
    Marshall Wright
  • Battlespace 3000: The Norden Conundrum
  • Warning Intelligence: the Battle of the Bulge and the NVN Easter Offensive
    Bob Baker
  • General Eisenhower's J-2: Major General Kenneth Strong, British Army Intelligence
    Kenneth Campbell, Ph.D.
  • Editor's Book Reviews
    Colonel (USAF, Ret.) Roy Jonkers
  • Unconventional Warfare: Rebuilding US Special Operations Forces
    Colonel (USA, Ret.) Scot Crerar
  • The Secret War for the Falklands
    Captain (USN, Ret.) Richard Bates
  • A Sign on the Roof: the Case of Aldrich Ames
    Colonel (USA, Ret.) Hayden Peake
  • Intelligence Notes
    RADM (USN, Ret) Donald Harvey

Reserve Intelligence and Counter Intelligence 1998 (Volume 18, Number 1&2)

  • Naval Reserve Intelligence Command: Intelligence Support for the Fleet and Joint Warfighter
    RADM Larry L. Poe, USN
  • The Reserve Component Intelligence Forces
    Colonel Stewart
  • Air Reserve Component Intelligence Forces: Integrating for Information Superiority
    Brig Gen John L. Wilkinson, USAFR
  • Reserve Component Intelligence Integration: A Total Force Success Story
    Brian Elizabeth Williams, Colonel, United States Air Force Reserve
  • NMIA Welcomes Reserve Component Personnel
    Colonel Michael Grebb, USAFR
  • Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Operations in Bosnia
    LTC David D. Perkins, Military Intelligence, US Army
  • Counterintelligence and the OPSEC Connection Past, Present, and Future
    Arion N. (Pat) Pattakos, CCP, OCP
  • The Economic Espionage Act
    Edward O'Malley
  • The Worst Spy: Perceptions of Espionage
    M.E. Bowman
  • The Cambridge Five: The End of the Cold War Brings forth Some Views from the Other Side
    Ernest M. Teagarden
  • The Cold War Intelligence Score
    Kevin Stack
  • Knowledge-Based Warfare: Lessons From Bosnia
    LTC John A. Gentry, USAR
  • Pacific Island Intelligence: The Assault on Tinian
    Jeffrey M. Moore
  • Major General Charles A. Willoughby: General Macarthur's G-2, a Biographical Sketch
    Dr. Kenneth A. Campbell
  • Book Reviews
    COL Scot Crerar, USA (Ret.)
  • Editor's Book Reviews
    Col Roy Jonkers, USAF (Ret.)
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