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AIJ 1992 to 1994
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Imagery Intelligence, Winter/Spring 1992 (Volume 13, Numbers 1&2)

  • Comments on Intelligence Reorganization
    Senator David L. Boren and Congressman David McCurdy
  • Statement on Change in the Intelligence Community
    Dr. Robert M. Gates, Director of Central Intelligence
  • Imagery -- Gulf War Lessons Learned and Future Challenges
    Lt. Gen. James R. Clapper, Jr., Director, DIA
  • Imagery Intelligence Reform: Is It Time?
    Mr. Terry Ryan
  • Intelligence Reorganization
    Dr. Roy Godson
  • The National Security Act of 1992
    Robert David Steele
  • Use of Civil Satellite Imagery for Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm
    D. Brian Gordon, DIA
  • DIA's Intelligence Imagery Support Process: Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Beyond
    Kevin H. Darr, DIA
  • Present and Future Trends of Imagery Analysis - From a Cartographers Viewpoint
    Michael S. Kearns and James C. Hammack, DMA
  • Advancing Commercial Technology and Softcopy Workstations: Near-Term Issues
    Lawrie E. Jordan, III and D. Brian Gordon
  • JSIPS: Deployable Imagery Intelligence Goes Softcopy
    Larry Bush, ESD
  • Intelligence Support to Automated Mission Planning and Rehearsal Systems
    Colonel Paul Morgan, USA, Director of Intelligence, USSOCOM J2
  • Imagery Support to the Mission Support Systems
    MSGT Ronald W. Monsen, HQS USAF/INX
  • Tomahawk Weapon System Imagery Support to Mission/Strike Planning
    Paul Coakley, CMPO
  • Antoine De Saint Exupery: Reconnaissance Pilot Par Excellence
    Dino A. Brugioni
  • Imagery and Reconnaissance: Reminiscences
    LtGen Eugene F. Tighe, USAF (Ret.)

Women in Intelligence, Summer 1992 (Volume 13, Number 3)

  • Comments on Women in Intelligence
    Senator David L. Boren and Congressman David McCurdy
  • Comments on Women in Intelligence
    Dr. Robert M. Gates and LtGen James R. Clapper, Jr.
  • The Role of Women in Intelligence, by Elizabeth P. McIntosh
    Roy K. Jonkers
  • In Transition: Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures in the Information Age
    Nina Stewart
  • Congressional Oversight of Intelligence: One Perspective
    Mary Sturtevant
  • Intelligence and Research in the Department of State
    Phyllis Oakley
  • Program Evaluation
    Sheryll Roby
  • Federal Aviation Administration Office of Civil Aviation Security Intelligence
    Manuela Guill
  • Intelligence Law Challenges in the New World
    Elizabeth R. Rindskopf
  • Isolationism, Internationalism and the Future of U.S. Intelligence
    Diane Dornan
  • Improving National Intelligence Support to Marine Corps Expeditionary Forces
    COL Lori M. Sadler, USMC
  • Advanced Information Processing & Analysis
    Terry S. Kees
  • MIIDS/IDB: A Look Back and To The Future
    Margaret R. Munson
  • Witness to an Evolutionary Revolution
    Col Ruth Anderson, USAF
  • Army Intelligence Production: Challenge and Commitment
    COL Patricia H. Jernigan, USA (Ret.)
  • The Defense Intelligence Agency: Jointness is Goodness
    Elizabeth Jeszenszky
  • Refelctions on Intellignece and History
    Diane T. Putney, Ph.D.
  • Cast No Shadow, by Mary S. Lovell
    Mary Jo Binker
  • Ladies of the OSS: The Apron Strings of Intelligence in World War II
    Katherine Breaks

Human Source Intelligence, Autumn/Winter 1992/1993 (Volume 14, Number 1)

  • Comments - Senator Dennis DeConcini, Chairman SSC/I
  • Comments - The Honorable R. James Woolsey, Director of Central Intelligence
  • A Strategy to Maximize Military Human Intelligence - MG Charles Scanlon, USA
  • Defense HUMINT: A Challenge for the 90s - MG John A. Leide, USA
  • Air Force HUMINT - MGen Garry W. O'Shaughnessy
  • Navy HUMINT - RADM Edward D. Sheafer, Jr.
  • Task Force 157 - Born Twenty Years Too Soon - Don Nielsen
  • HUMINT For Hire - COL Peter F. Kalitka, USA (Ret.)
  • Kim Revisited: Human Intelligence and Drug Trafficking - Dr. James F. Holden-Rhodes
  • Spies and Mailmen and the Royal Road to Persia - Professor Rose Mary Sheldon
  • Spy Mania and the Information War: The Hour of the Counterspy 1914/1915 - Professor Douglas L. Wheeler
  • A Matter of Hindsight: Army Clandestine Intelligence Operations and the Kalus Barbie Affair - Walter J. Unrath
  • Profiles in Treason - Jonathan Jay Pollard: A Corrupted Ideologue - Dr. Kenneth J. Campbell
  • A Question of Loyalty- Benjamin Weiser
  • HUMINT in the Military - COL Donald F. Ullmann
  • Espionage in International Law - LTC Geoffrey B. Demarest, USA
  • The Clandestine Service of the Central Intelligence Agency - Hans Moses
  • Intelligence Notes - RADM Don Harvey, USN (Ret.)
  • Israeli HUMINT Two Book Reviews by MAJ John Kuntzman, USA (Ret.)
  • Come Retribution: The Confederate Secret Service and the Assassination of Lincoln - Peter Kross
  • Inside The CIA: Revealing The Secrets of the World's Most Powerful Spy Agency - Hayden Peake

Open Source Intelligence, Spring/Summer 1993 (Volume 14, Number 2&3)

  • Comments From the Chairman, HPSC/I
    The Honorable Dan Glickman
  • Teaching the Giant to Dance
    ADM William O. Studeman
  • Open Sources and the Intelligence Community
    Paul Wallner
  • National Security and National Competitiveness
    A. Denis Clift
  • Rumor of War
    Robert Hutchinson
  • Commercial Remote-Sensing
    Daniel B. Sibbet
  • S&T OSINT Activities
    Dr. James C. Canfield, Thomas E. Pedtke & LtCol Jack O. Sawdy
  • Deception and Irony: Soviet Arms and Arms Control
    Robert E. Townsend
  • New Russian Military Thinking
    Mary Fitzgerald
  • Unlocking the Secrets: Open Source Intelligence in the War on Drugs
    Dr. James F. Holden-Rhodes
  • Joint Task Force Communications for Command, Control and Intelligence
    COL John J. Meyer, III, USA
  • Heisenberg's War: The Secret History of the German Bomb
    Hayden B. Peake
  • Unraveling the Web of Computer Espionage
    Dave Powell
  • The State of Intelligence: The Chairman's Perspective
    The Honorable Dan Glickman
  • Intelligence Notes Complied by
    RADM Don Harvey, USN (Ret.)

Intelligence Restructuring, Autumn/Winter 1993/1994 (Volume 14, Number 3)

  • Reorganization of DIA and Defense Intelligence Activities
    LtGen James R. Clapper, Jr., USAF, Director, DIA
  • Army Intelligence in Transition - 'Changing Horizons'
    LTG Ira C. Owens, DCSI/U.S. Army
  • Restructuring Air Force Intelligence
    MajGen Ervin J. Rokke, ASC/I, U.S. Air Force
  • Marine Corps Intelligence in an Expeditionary Era: Meeting the Challenge of Change
    Lieutenant Colonel Herbert M. Strauss, USMC
  • Future Direction for the United States Imagery System Central Imagery Office
    Mr. William Lackman, Director
  • A Case Study of Total Quality Leadership at The Office of Naval Intelligence
    The Office of Naval Intelligence
  • Reorganization of Intelligence Activities in the Office of the Secretary of Defense
    MGEN Jack E. Thomas, USAF (Ret.)
  • Reforming Intelligence: A Market Approach
    Professor Henry S. Rowen, Stanford University
  • Yeltsin's Monopoly of the Security Organs
    Albert L. Weeks, Ph.D.
  • Russia's New Military Doctrine
    Jonathan S. Lockwood,Ph.D.
  • Reinventing the Intelligence Community
    No Author Named
  • The Intelligence Systems Board
    No Author Named
  • National Security Law
    The Honorable Dan Glickman, Chairman, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
  • The New (And Largely Unappreciated) Legal Framework For U.S. Intelligence
    Mr. L. Britt Snider, General Counsel, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
  • Book Review: Reengineering the Corporation - A Manifesto For Business Revolution by Michael Hammer and James Champy
    Dr. James F. Holden-Rhodes, Associate Literary Editor
  • Book Review: The Tet Offensive: Intelligence Failure in War ; by James J. Wirtz
    Dr. Kenneth Campbell, Associate Literary Editor

Signals Intelligence & Information War, Spring/Summer 1994 (Volume 15, Number 1)

  • New World, New Challenges, NSA Into the 21st Century - Vice Admiral J. M. McConnell
  • Where Do We Go From Here? - Major General Paul E. Menoher, Jr.
  • Information Dominance: Meeting the Intelligence Needs of the 21st Century - Major General Kenneth A. Minihan
  • SIGINT: An Important Part of Air Force Intelligence - Colonel Michael S. Cassidy
  • Cryptology From The Sea - Rear Admiral Thomas F. Stevens
  • Marine Corps Signals Intelligence 'The Warfighter's Force Multiplier' -Lieutenant Colonel Stephen C. Robb, USMC
  • Intelligence Data for Tactical Commanders - B. Harl Romine
  • The Origins of NSA - Jack E. Ingram
  • TQM at NSA - Mr. Robert L. Prestel
  • An Evaluation-Based Incentive Award Program for SIGINT - David W. Gaddy
  • ULTRA: The Navy's COMINT Weapon in the Pacific - Rear Admiral D. M. Showers, USN (R)
  • VQ-1 in Vietnam - Captain Sidney E. Wood, Jr., USN (R)
  • Direct Intelligence Combat Support in Vietnam, Project Teaball- Major General Doyle Larson, USAF (R)
  • SIGINT in World War II: Personal Reminiscences of an Intercept Operator in China - John M. Quesenberry
  • A Career Built on SIGINT- Dan Hearn
  • Information Warfare: Time For Some Constructive Skepticism? - John Rothrock
  • Book Review: The First Information War edited by Alan D. Campen - LTC Harry T. Newman, USA (R)
  • Russian Views on Electronic Signals and Information Warfare - Mary C. FitzGerald
  • SIGINT Literature - Hayden B. Peake
  • Book Review: The Codebreakers by David Kahn - R. L. Bernard

Technical Intelligence, Autumn/Winter 1994 (Volume 15, Number 2)

  • Intelligence & Technology: A New Era, Introductory Remarks
    The Honorable Emmett Paige, Jr. & Dr. Frank B. Horton, III, ASD (C3I)/PDASD (C3I)
  • Advancing Technology: Collateral Effects on Intelligence
    Dr. Robert J. Hermann, PFIAB
  • Intelligence Resource Management
    Michael F. Munson, Deputy Director, DIA
  • Army Military Intelligence Strategy for the 21st Century
    LTG Paul E. Menoher, Jr., Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence and LTC Patrick B. McNiece
  • Special Operations Intelligence Systems and Technologies
    Colonel Paul F. Morgan, USA (Ret.)
  • Catching Up With Pomfret, Vermont: An Examination of Intelligence Dissemination Architectures
    Robert F. Nesbit, Vice President The MITRE Corporation
  • INTELINK - An Information Strategy
    Steven T. Schanzer, Director ISB Secretariat, CMS
  • Challenges to the Defense Intelligence
    Information System Professional Russell E. Myers, ACOM J29
  • Intelligence Communications in the Age of Information Warfare
    Harry C. Banford and Paul L. High, Jr., OSD/IPSG
  • Intelligence Satellites - A Bibliographic Launchpad
    Hayden B. Peake, Literary Editor, AIJ
  • The Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office
    MGEN Kenneth Israel, USAF, Director, DARO
  • The Central Imagery Office
    Annette J. Krygiel, Ph.D., Director CIO
  • Space Support to the Warrior: The Intelligence Professional's Responsibility
    Bill Ross, USSTRATCOM
  • The Fifth Submarine
    John Rodgaard & Team, Autometric, Inc.
  • Air Force Foreign Materiel Exploitation
    Bruce Ashcroft, HQS, National Air Intelligence Center
  • Book Review: Chinese Intelligence Operations
    Dr. James F. Holden-Rhodes, Sandia National Laboratories
  • The Intelligence Industrial Base
    Robert Kohler, Vice President TRW
  • Book Review: A World At Arms: A Global History of World War II
    Kenneth Campbell, Ph.D, Associate Literary Editor, AIJ
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