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AIJ 1987 to 1991
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January 1987 (Volume 8, Number 1)

  • DIA: The First Twenty-five Years
    Deane J. Allen
  • Committed to Excellence in Defense of the Nation 1 October 1986
    Casper W. Weinberger, Secretary of Defense
  • Director of Central Intelligence Address - DIA 25th Anniversary 26 Sept 1986
    Director of Central Intelligence
  • Beyond the Year 2000 Address
    Charles A. Hawkins, Jr.

May 1987 (Volume 8, Number 2)

  • Counterintelligence: A Law Enforcement Function
    COL Peter F. Kalitka, USA (Ret)
  • The Defector Syndrome: A British Perspective
    Nigel West
  • Knights for Pawns: The Daniloff/Zakharov Case
    COL Peter F. Kalitka, USA (Ret)
  • A New Terrorism Intelligence Challenge
    Michael T. McEwen
  • The Soviets and SDI
    Robert M. Gates, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
  • Book Review: PHANTOM by Philip Warner
    Prescott Palmer, LCDR, USN (Ret)

Summer 1987 (Volume 8, Number 3)

  • What Next for Military Intelligence
    LTG James A. Williams, USA (Ret.)
  • Intelligence Requirements of the Tactical Commander
    Brig Gen Larry D. Church, USAF
  • Major General Ralph H. Van Deman, Father of American Military Intelligence
    Dr. Kenneth Campbell
  • Deception in the Normandy Invasion
    Cynthia M. Grabo
  • The Common Denominator
    COL Peter Kalitka, USA (Ret)
  • Book Review: G-2 Intelligence for Patton by BGEN Oscar W. Koch
    LCDR Prescott Palmer, USN (Ret)
  • Book Review: Book Book Review: Rommel's Intelligence in the Desert Campaign; by Hauptmann Hans-Otto Behrendt
    LCDR Prescott Palmer, USN (Ret)
  • Book Review: Intelligence and Intelligence Policy in a Democratic Society; edited by Stephen J. Cimbala
    Robert Eisenhaur and Tim Laur
  • Book Review: War Games by Thomas B. Allen
    Maj John Kuntzman, USA (Ret)

March 1988 (Volume 9, Number 1)

  • US Army Intelligence Center and School--Meeting the Tactical Intelligence Needs of Commanders in the Field
    MG Julius Parker, Jr., USA
  • The 348th Technical Training Wing
    Col Pat O. Clifton, USAF
  • The Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center
    CAPT Robert T. Trafton, USN
  • Intelligence Professionals
    COL Robert S. Troth, USA
  • The Defense Intelligence College
    Col John Macartney, USAF
  • Graduation Address to the Defense Intelligence College
    The Honorable Louis Stokes
  • Counterintelligence Myths Compromised: No Surprise
    COL Peter Kalitka, USA (Ret.)
  • Book Review: Deep Black: Space Espionage and National Security, by William E. Burrows
    Lt Col Charles Aldrich, USAF
  • Book Review: Spy Catcher by Peter Wright
    Michael L. Wardinski
  • Book Review: Thwarting Enemies at Home and Abroad: How to be a Counterintelligence Officer by William R. Johnson
    Peter Kalitka

Intelligence Leaks, Summer 1988 (Volume 9, Number 2)

  • NMIA Symposium: 'Intelligence Support to Space Operations'
    No Author Named
  • Unauthorized Disclosures: Risks, Costs and Responsibilities
    Dr. Robert Gates
  • A Journalist's Perspective on Public Disclosures
    Mr. Bob Woodward (interview with Guest Editor et. al)
  • The Leakage of Classified Information: A Significant Problem
    MGEN Jack Thomas
  • Comments on Intelligence Leaks
    Professor William Burrows
  • American Intelligence: The Problem of Leaks
    LGEN William Odom
  • 'Leaks and Congressional Oversight
    The Honorable Henry J. Hyde
  • A Joint Intelligence Committee--The Wrong Approach
    The Honorable Louis Stokes
  • Politics and Secrecy: Easing the Tension
    The Honorable George E. Brown, Jr.
  • United States of America vs Samuel Loring Morison, U.S. Court of Appeals
    No Author Named

Intelligence Perspectives, Fall 1988 (Volume 9, Number 3)

  • Back to the Future
    COL Peter F. Kalitka, USA (Ret)
  • Commencement Address, Defense Intelligence College, 17 June 1988
    Robert M. Gates
  • An Intelligence Tour of World War II England
    Carol S. Bessette
  • Back to the Future
    Peter F. Kalitka
  • The Ill-Fated Trojan Spy
    Rose Mary Sheldon
  • To be Effective, Counterintelligence Double Agent Operations Need to be Centrally Controlled and Directed
    Peter F. Kalitka
  • Book Review: C The Secret Life of Sir Stewart Menzies, Spymaster to Winston Churchill by Anthony Cave Brown
    John Kuntzman
  • Book Review: Intellligence and Strategic Surprise by Ariel Levite
    Lloyd H. Hoffman, Jr.
  • .Book Review: Ultra and the Army Air Forces in World War II , by Diane T. Putney
    John Kuntzman

Spring 1989 (Volume 10, Number 1)

  • The DIA Response to Terrorism
    Lt Gen Leonard H. Perroots, USAF (Ret)
  • Strategic Defense Initiative: Defense Against Ballistic Missiles or a Technique of Strategic Deception?
    Capt Manuela Guill, USAFR
  • Tailored Training: The Key to Interpretive-Project Analysis in Current Intelligence
    Dennis C. Howley, Ph.D
  • Multispectral Image (MSI) Analysis in a M ilitary Field Environment
    Daniel K. Gordon and Matthew Heric
  • Book Review: Intelligence Requirements for the 1990s: Collection, Analysis, Counterintelligence, and Covert Action edited by Roy Godson
    Prescott Palmer

Counterintelligence Issues and Challenges, Summer/Fall 1989 (Volume 10, Number 2)

  • NMIA Symposium: Intelligence Support to Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict
    No Author Named
  • Counterintelligence for the 1990s
    The Honorable David L. Boren, U.S. Senate
  • The Hostile Intelligence Threat in the 1990s
    William L. Webster, Director of Central Intelligence
  • The Evolving Threat: Meeting the Counterintelligence Challenges of the 1990s: A Strategic Issue Facing Our Nation
    William S. Sessions, Director, FBI
  • Security Countermeasures - The 'Prodigal Son' of Counterintelligence
    Brig Gen Richard S. Beyea, Jr., USAF (Ret)
  • The Changing Nature of the American Spy
    LTG Harry E. Soyster, USA
  • The Role of U.S. Counterintelligence in the Next Decade
    LTG Sidney T. Weinstein, USA
  • Counterintelligence: One Perspective
    Brig Gen Francis R. Dillon, USAF
  • NISCOM Counterintelligence Strategy for the 1990's
    RADM W. L. Schachte, Jr., JAGC, USN
  • Marine Corps Counterintelligence: 1990-2000
    BG James D. Beans, USMC (Ret)
  • Intelligence for Illegal Drug Control
    John C. Lawn, Administrator, Drug Enforcement Administration

Global Intelligence Challenges, Winter 1989/1990 (Volume 11, Number 1)

  • Global Intelligence Challenges in the 1990's
    General Alfred M. Gray, Commandant of the Marine Corps
  • Global Intelligence Resources
    Professor Douglas Wheeler, University of New Hampshire
  • Intelligence Support to Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict
    James R. Locher, III, Asst. Sec. of Defense for SO/LIC
  • Drug Interdiction Training and the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC)
    Captain Robert T. Trafton, Commanding Officer
  • The Five-Legged Calf - Bringing Intelligence to the National; Security Debate
    A. Denis Clift
  • William J. Donovan: Leader and Strategist
    Dr. Kenneth Campbell
  • Book Review: Comparing Foreign Intelligence: The U.S., the USSR, and U.K., and the Third World edited by Roy Godson
    Jeffrey Wallin
  • Book Review: The Imperfect Spies (The History of Israeli Intelligence) by Yossi Melman and Dan Rabin
    Peter F. Kalitka, Colonel (Ret.) USA
  • Book Review: The Bulgarian Umbrella by Vladimir Kostov
    Donald E. Jones, Colonel (Ret.) USAF

Espionage and Treason, Spring 1990 (Volume 11, Number 2)

  • The Spies Among Us
    Captain E. D. Smith, Jr., USN
  • Robert L. Johnson: The Army's Johnnie Walker
    Dr. Kenneth Campbell
  • Book Review: The Master Spy by Phillip Knightley
    Norman Forde
  • Book Review: Spying for America: The Hidden History of U.S. Intelligence by Nathan Miller
    Peter Kross
  • Book Review: LA PISCINE: The French Secret Service Since 1944; by Roger Raligot and Pascal Krop
    James W. Hession
  • General Andrei Vlasov: Traitor or Victim of Tragedy?
    William Krouse, Jr.
  • Prosecuting Spies: An Uneasy Alliance of Security, Ethics and Law
    M. E. Bowman, Captain, USN, JAGC
  • The Fourth Amendment and Espionage
    Andrew C. Tuttle
  • Active Countermeasures to Neutralizing the Espionage Threat
    Colonel Richard F. Law, USAF

Defense Intelligence in the Nineties (Volume 11, Number 3)

  • Challenges Faced by U.S. Intelligence
    Keith R. Hall (SSCI Staff)
  • Perspectives for the 1990's
    Martin D. Hurwitz D/GDIP Staff
  • Naval Intelligence in the Nineties
    RADM Thomas A. Brooks, USN
  • Air Force Intelligence: Working Smarter in the 1990's
    MajGen James R. Clapper, Jr., USAF
  • Army Future Threat
    LTG Charles B. Eichelberger, USA
  • Special Operations Intelligence
    Charles A. Williamson, USAF
  • Intelligence Communications in a Changing World
    Harry C. Banford, D/INCA
  • MASINT: Intelligence for the 1990's
    Daniel B. Sibbett
  • Centralize Control of DoD C1 Activities
    COL Peter F. Kalitka, USA (Ret)
  • Intelligence in the 1990's: Recasting National Security in a Changing World
    Robert David Steele
  • The Crucial Role of the Manager-Leader in Intelligence
    Dr. Bennis C. Howley

Intelligence Deception, Winter 1991 (Volume 12, Number 1)

  • Revolutionary War Deception
    MGEN (Ret.) Edmund R. Thompson
  • The Trust
    Natalie Grant
  • British Deception in America in WW I
    Walter A. Levin
  • Book Review: Captain Sir Richard Burton by Edward Rice
    Francis Hamit
  • Soviet Military Deception in WW II
    COL David M. Glantz, USA
  • British Strategic Deception
    Dr. Neal Petersen
  • Book Review: RAF Deception in WW II by John Mendelsohn
    Paul L. Bailey
  • Book Review: Military Deception in WW II by John Mendelsohn
    Dr. Kenneth Campbell
  • Book Review: Web of Disinformation by David Martin
    Hayden Peake
  • Framework for the Study of Deception
    Cornelius O'Shea
  • Warning and Deception
    Cynthia M. Grabo
  • Deception & Special Operations
    Capt. Edward R. McCleskey, USAF
  • Electronic Deception Reflections
    Col. (Ret) Tom Gallagher, USAF
  • Book Review: East-West Deception edited by David A. Chart
    COL (Ret) M. Wardinski, USA
  • Book Review: The Art of Deception in Warfare by Colonel Michael Dewar, British Army
    Col. (Ret) A. C. Piccirillo, USAF
  • Naval Deception (periodic literature review)
    CAPT William West, USN (Ret)
  • The New Way of Thinking
    Natalie Grant
  • Studying Strategic Deception
    CMDR George Witt, USN
  • Electronic Deception & Maskirovka
    Ronald Smetek, et al.
  • Book Review: Stealth in the Air by Doug Richardson
    Captain Larry Terrell, USAF
  • Book Reviews: U.S. News Media Distortions: Unreliable Sources by Martin A. Lee and Norman Solomon, and Profiles of Deception by Reid Irvine and Cliff Kincaid
    Peter Kalitka

Intelligence and Counternarcotics, Summer 1991 (Volume 12, Number 2)

  • Counternarcotics: The USCINCLANT Perspective
    Admiral L. A Edney, USN
  • Pacific View of Counternarcotics
    BGEN Grover E. Jackson, USAF
  • Counternarcotics Intelligence in the SOUTHCOM AOR
    Captain Roy Livingston, USAF
  • Counternarcotics: The Border War
    LtCol J. F. Holden-Rhodes
  • The Defense Intelligence Agency and the War on Drugs
    Anthony Nelson, DIA
  • DMA Support to Counternarcotics
    Captain Michael Kearns and Mr. John Weikel
  • Counternarcotics Network
    William Armstrong
  • Dept. of Defense Intelligence Support to the Anti-Drug Effort
    Richard Bly, DEA
  • United States Coast Guard Intelligence
    LCDR Wayne N. Collins, USCG
  • FinCEN- A Tool in The War on Drugs
    Brian M. Bruh, Director, FinCEN
  • Drugs and International Law
    Ronald N. Jonkers
  • Intelligence in the Drug War
    Henry H. Marsden, III, ONDCP
  • Intelligence and The War Against Drugs
    William H. Webster, Director of Central Intelligence
  • Book Review: Red Cocaine by Joseph D. Douglass, Jr.
    R. N. Jonkers

Intelligence in Transition, Autumn 1991 (Volume 12, Number 3)

  • Restructuring Defense Intelligence
    The Honorable Duane Andrews, Assitant Secretary of Defense (C3I)
  • Defense Intelligence Agency Reorganization
    Dennis M. Nagy, Deputy Director, DIA
  • National Defense Authorization Act
    Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate
  • Reshaping Army Military Intelligence
    LTG Ira C. Owens, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
  • Naval Intelligence Command Reorganization
    RADM Edward D. Sheafer, Jr., Director of Naval Intelligence
  • Air Force Intelligence Restructure
    Colonel George Souza II
  • Air Force Intelligence Command
    Maj Gen Gary W. O'Shaughnessy, AFIC Commander
  • Soviet Military Forces in Transition
    Excerpted from DoD's Soviet Military Forces in Transition
  • Applying the New Paradigm: How to Avoid Strategic Intelligence; Failures in the Future
    Robert David Steele
  • Intelligence and Verification
    Daniel B. Sibbet
  • Competitor Intelligence
    Peter F. Kalitka
  • Sentinel Byte: A Qualitative Intelligence Support Tool
    Nino Amoroso
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