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AIJ 1982 to 1986
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January 1982 (Volume 4, Number 2)

  • Strategic Raw Materials and U.S. Security
    Rocco M. Paone, Ph.D.
  • Intelligence and Academe: A Third View
    Commander Bruce Watson, USN

May 1982 (Volume 4, Number 3)

  • Political Succession, Soviet Style
    Ms. Amanda Werner
  • The Evolution of Soviet Naval Military Policies & Programs, Part IV
    Raymond Robinson
  • The Intelligence Profession
    Captain Richard W. Bates, USN (Ret.)
  • The Ultimate Intelligence System
    Captain Thomas A. Brooks, USN

September 1982 (Volume 4, Number 4)

  • NMIA Interviews Admiral Bobby Ray Inman
    No Author Named
  • Admiral Inman Counsels NMIA Members
    Admiral Bobby Ray Inman
  • Executive Order 12333 - Analysis and Facts
    Major General Jack E. Thomas, USAF (Ret.)
  • Soviet Policy Objectives in Southern Africa
    Lieutenant Earl J. Jamison, USNR
  • The G-2 of the Army General Staff, 1942-1944
    Dick Berardino

February 1983 (Volume 5, Number 1)

  • Ambassador Vernon Walters Speaks to NMIA
    No Author Named
  • Intel Analysis in Academic Research
    Edward J. Lacey, Ph.D.
  • The East European Response to the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
    Ethan S. Burger
  • Tech Transfer - a Labor View From the 1983 Convention
    Markley Roberts
  • Indicators - Development and Correlation
    Gary L. Knapp

July 1983 (Volume 5, Number 2)

  • The Enigma Cipher Machine
    Gary M. Bateman
  • Soviet Policy in Southern Africa
    Rocco M. Paone, Ph.D.
  • Maritime Terrorism: Are We Prepared?
    Edward J. Bender, Jr.

March 1984 (Volume 6, Number 1)

  • The Intelligence Workforce
    LTG James A. Williams, USA, Director, DIA
  • NSA Careers
    Lt. Gen. Lincoln Faurer, USAF, Director, NSA
  • Aerial Photo's, an Overlooked Resource
    Dino A. Brugioni
  • The Military Laser
    Robert P. Taylor

July 1984 (Volume 6, Number 2)

  • George Washington, Master Intelligence Officer
    MG Edmund R. Thompson, USA (Retired)
  • China's Seapower
    Rocco M. Paone, Ph.D.
  • Argentine Decision - The Use of Force
    No Author Named

October 1984 (Volume 6, Number 3)

  • AirLand Battle Doctrine and the Intelligence Officer
    Major Jimmie L. Slade
  • The 'Special' Heritage of the SSO
    James T. DeVoss
  • Strategic Minerals of Southern Africa
    Brigadier General Rocco M. Paone, Ph.D.
  • Game Theory in Intelligence Analysis
    Edward J. Lacey, Ph.D.

February 1985 (Volume 6, Number 4)

  • Intelligence, Bureaucracy and the Country Analyst
    Dennis C. Howley, Ph.D.
  • Indications and Warning (I&W) Research and Development
    Stephen J. Andriole
  • El Salvadore - Paz Y Democracia
    Brigadier General Joseph H. Reed
  • Book Review: Overlord by Max Hastings
    William S. Lind

June 1985 (Volume 7, Number 1)

  • The Challenge of Analyzing African Military Capabilities
    William G. Thom
  • Indications and Warnings Research Development
    Stephen J. Andriole, Ph.D.
  • Comment from a Non-Commissioned Officer
    Ira W. Tuxford, Sergeant First Class
  • The Soviet Union and Espionage: An Overview
    Brigadier General Rocco M. Paone, Ph.D.
  • A Review of Combat on Communist Territory
    Colonel Charles E. Thomann

September 1985 (Volume 7, Number 2)

  • The Soviet Union's Subversive War Against America
    Vice Admiral E. A. Burkhalter, Jr.
  • Improving Intelligence Support to Deployed Marine Air-Ground Task Forces
    Major Peter R. Dorn, USMC
  • Lebanon: Fact Instead of Fancy
    Stan D. Grosswald
  • Small Unit Leadership in an Intelligence Bureaucracy
    Dr. Dennis C. Howley
  • Book Review: To Bear Any Burden by Al Santoli Colonel
    Charles E. Thomann, USA (Ret)

January 1986 (Volume 7, Number 3)

  • Strategic Intelligence Goes to College: A Look at the Defense Intelligence College Today
    Dr. Hugo A. Kessing
  • The New Chinese Navy - Is it Blue Water Yet?
    Rocco M. Paone, Ph.D.
  • Soviet Intelligence Support to International Terrorism
    Commander Calland F. Carnes, USNR
  • Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield - A Systematic Approach
    Staff Sargeant Richard L. Stanley
  • Book Review: Chindit Column by Charles Carfrae
    Colonel Charles E. Thomann, USA (Ret.)

June 1986 (Volume 7, Number 4)

  • Tinker, Tailor, Caesar, Spy
    Rose Mary Shelton
  • Interview with Ambassador Vernon Walters
    Rear Admiral Tom Brooks, Scott Palmer, Amanda Werner
  • Book Review: Silent Missions by Ambassador Vernon Walters
    Scott Palmer
  • Petroleum: A Strategic Resource of the U.S.
    Karl A. Riggs
  • How to Survive an Airplane Hijacking
    Henry Von Seyfried
  • BEGIN Surprise! Translate Automate? Abort REPEAT!
    Robert Garian
  • Secrecy, Intelligence Literature and History
    Douglas L. Wheeler
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