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AIJ 2004 to 2010
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2004 (Volume 22)

  • Obituary: Roy Kenneth Yonkers, Colonel, USAF (Ret)
  • Analysis in the New Era – Address by Denis Clift, President, Joint Military Intelligence College. NMIA Seminar, November 12, 2002
  • The Challenges of Creating a New Analytical Culture - Adrian ("Zeke”)Wolfberg
  • Spy Fiction, Spy Reality - Jon A. Wiant
  • Transforming Intelligence: Improving Inference Through Advanced Simulations
    Better Prediction through Better Inquiry - COL Carl Hunt
  • Making the Case: Counterintelligence as a Strategic Asset - Roy L. Reed, Jr. and Anthony D. Mc Ivor, PhD
  • A Mandate for Intelligence - Steve Pieczenik, M.D., PhD
  • Colonel General Hans von Seeckt - Dr. Kenneth Campbell

2005 (Volume 23)

  • Leaves and Roots - CAPT David Belt, USN
  • Putin: KGB Forever - Steve Pieczenik, M.D., PhD
  • A Centralized Intelligence System: Truman's Dream Deferred - Loch K. Johnson
  • The Pond: Running Agents for State, War and the CIA - Mark Stout
  • Species of Competencies for Intelligence Analysis - David T. Moore
  • Information at Risk - M.E. Bowman
  • Fight the Away Game as a Team - MAJ Jeffrey V. Gardner
  • No Stone Unturned - MAJ Timothy Higgins, CPT Paulo A. Shakarian and CW$ Robert E. Ferguson
  • CI as a Strategic Asset: Thinking Anew - Roy L. Reed, Jr. and Anthony D. Mc Ivor, PhD
  • Sustaining Military Capabilities in the 21st Century - James Jay Carafano, PhD
  • Turning Open Source Data into Knowledge - James Arnold Miller, PhD
  • Intelligence Security Diary - George Holdron and David Rubin

2006 (Volume 24)

  • Wanted: An "Intelligent” Use of the Human Spirit - LTG Samuel V. Wilson, USA (Ret)
  • Culture as Open System: Social Intelligence, Human Terrain, and Counter-Insurgency - MAJ William D. Casebeer, USA and Dr. Barak Salmoni
  • Cultural Intelligence: Far More Difficult that Counting Tanks and Planes - Montgomery McFate, JD, PhD
  • United We Stand, Divided…? Achieving Intelligence Interagency Synery in Complex Warfare - Col Chris Paparone, USA (Ret) and James A. Crupi, PhD
  • Network-Centric Professional Development: Intelligence Association in the Global Century - Prof. James Ellsworth
  • Intelligence as a Profession: IAFIE Sets its Sights - Mark Lowenthal
  • The INTELST Forum: A Real-Time Resource - LTC Rich Holden USA (Ret)
  • Middle Eastern Mindset: Operational Analysis and Implications - R. Scott Shumate, PhD, Randy Borum, PhD, James Turner, PhD and Nancy L. Fogarty
  • Religion and Cultural Intelligence - Pauletta Otis, PhD
    • The Blitzkreig Legend
    • A Secret Life
    • The Future of War
    • Words of Intelligence: A Dictionary
  • Semester Abroad Program Immerses Cadet in Foreign Culture, From First Call at West Point

2007 (Volume 25, Number 1)

    • Enough Blame to Go Around: Getting Past the Tenent Story - Robert Tomes, PhD
  • Intelligence Analysis: Structured Methods of Intuition? - Stephen Marrin
  • Analysts in Intelligence Tradecraft - Stephen Pick, PhD and Pete Peterson
  • MASINT Frontiers - Peter Humphrey
  • Innovation, Change and Experimentation: New Challenges for Military Intelligence - Henrik Friman, PhD
  • Intuitive Tools? Design Lessons from the Military Intelligence Community - Per- Arne I. Persson and Prof. James Nyce
  • Intelligence Reform: Winning the "For Keeps” Game - Fulton Wilcox
  • Mired in Gray: Juggling Legality, Lawfulness, and Ethics as an Intelligence Professional - COL William C. Spracher, USA (Ret)
  • JIOC and Beyond: An NMIA Interview with LTG Michael Maples, USA - Forrest Frank, PhD
    • MG Friedrich Gempp - Dr. Kenneth Campbell
    • The Moral Dilemmas of Spying
    • Capturing Jonathan Pollard and True Believer (Montes)
    • Thinking Like a Terrorist
    • Intelligence Analysis: A Target Centric-Approach
    • Sharpening Strategic Intelligence
  • IN BRIEF - New Publications from the JMIC/NDIC Press

2007/2008 (Volume 25, Number 2)

    • Strategy and the Sacred Narrative - Dr. Michael E. Vlahos
  • The National Military Intelligence Foundation - Mr. Cornelius O'Leary and Dr. Forrest Frank
  • The Stone and Quarry: Intelligence Studies in a Dynamic Global Environment

Clandestine or Covert Threats on a Strategic Level - Mr. Roy L. Reed, Jr.

  • A Maturity Model for Intelligence Education - Dr. Gordon Middleton
  • A Perception Based Model for Comparing Intelligence Communities - Mr. Kelly McClanahan
  • Russia's Putin on Missile Defense: A Social Science Research Approach - Captain Timothy M. Brower, ARNG
  • Transforming SIGINT to Fight Irregular Threats - Major Matthew Reiley, USMC
  • Network Bandits: Understanding Recruitment Networks - Mr. Benjamin Jensen
  • Cultivating Creativity within Intelligence Analysis - Mr. RJ Godlewski
    • Walter Schellenberg - Dr. Kenneth Campbell
    • Enemies of Intelligence: Knowledge and Power in American National Security
    • Legacy of Ashes: History of the CIA - Reviewed by Dr. William M. Nolte

Summer 2008 (Volume 26, Number 1)

  • In My View
    • Motivate, Enable, Mentor - A. Denis Clift
  • Domestic Intelligence: Functions and Form - Paul Milton Hobart
  • Air-Intelligence Operations and Training: The Decisive Edge for Effective Airpower Employment - Col. D. Scott George, USAF and Lt Col Robert Ehlers, USAF
  • Fighting Blue: Why First Class Threat Emulation is Critical to Joint Experimentation and Combat Development - Col Gregory Fontenot, USA (Ret) and Col Darrell L. Combs, USMC (Ret)
  • Applying Critical Thinking to Intelligence Analysis - James Hess Dr. Curtis Friedel
  • Greece's Intelligence Community Reforms and New Challenges - John Nomikos
  • Transforming USMC Intelligence to Address Irregular Warfare - Maj Matthew Reiley, USMC
  • Fusion: A Behavioral Approach to Counterinsurgency - Major Rob Sentse and Jeroen Jansen
  • The Organization of Counterintelligence within the DoD: Synergies with Law Enforcement Agencies - Major Scott Kieffer, USAF
  • Profiles in Intelligence
    • Intelligence Leadership Personified: The Passing of an Army Legend - Colonel William C. Spracher, USA (Ret)
    • Lt. Col. Ulrich Liss: A Highly Successful Analyst - Dr. Kenneth Campbell
  • NMIA Bookshelf
    • Intelligence Failures and Decent Intervals - MG Paul J. Lebras, USAF (Ret)
    • Warheads: Cable News and the Fog of War - Colonel William C. Spracher, USA (Ret)
  • Books in Brief
    • Recent Publications from the NDIC Press

Winter 2008/2009 (Volume 26, Number 2)

  • In My View
    • Take Off the Training Wheels! - Prof. William M. Nolte, Ph.D.
  • New Directions for NDIC: A Conversation with President A. Denis Clift
  • The National Defense Intelligence College - Dr. Vance Skarstedt.
  • Naval Intelligence Training: Contributing to Today's Fight While Shaping for the Future - Capt Elizabeth L. Train, USN
  • DIA's Analytic Competency--Based Training - Bruce Bennett
  • The Role of Innovation: Creating a Culture of Improvement - Adrian (Zeke) Wolfberg and Brian Pelley
  • Mind the Gap: National Security and Resilience-A Tough Balancing Act - Richard Broome and William Gouveia
  • When the Americans Came to Europe - Dr. Peer Henrik Hansen
  • Counterintelligence in Irregular Warfare: A Void in the Full-Spectrum Joint Force Capability - Aden Magee
  • Taming a Rogue Elephant? - David Oakley
  • Korean Reunification - Peter Humphrey
  • Profiles in Intelligence
    • Oskar Reile: A Successful Spy, Who Failed - Dr. Kenneth Campbell
  • NMIA Bookshelf
    • Network Centric Warfare, Military Transformation, Past and Present, Futures of War
    • Leave No Man Behind
    • The U.S. Military and Human Rights Promotion: Lessons from Latin America
  • Books in Brief Recent Publications from the NDIC Press - COL William C. Spracher, USA (Ret)

Fall 2009 (Volume 27, Number 1)

  • Chairman's Report
  • Editor's Desk
  • In My View...
    • "Thank You" by Senator Evan Bayh
  • In My View...
    • Back to the Future with Basic Concepts - by LTG (USA, Ret) Patrick M. Hughes
  • Guardian Spies: The Story of Coast Guard Intelligence in World War II - by LCDR (USCG) Michael E. Bennett.
  • Knowledge Development at the United States Africa Command - by COL (USA) Dean F. Bland, LTC (USA)    Enrique Camacho, and Lewis B. Moorhead. 
  • Human Intelligence: Perceiving an Enemy's Thoughts - by R.J. Godlewski. 
  • Redefining Geospatial Intelligence - by Dr. Todd Bascatow and Dr. Dennis J. Bellafiore 
  • The FBI's Role in the Pearl Harbor Attack - by Thomas K. Kimmel, Jr., J.A. Williams, and Paul Glyn Williams 
  •  Intelligence in Afghanistan: Why Is It Hard? - by Lt Col (USAF) Anne K. Blas
  • Organizational Leadership in the Intelligence Community: A New Paradigm - by Mathew Peterson
  • Homeland Security Intelligence: Regional Fusion Centers - by Magdalena A. Bajll 
  • Why PLA Watchers Keep Missing Changes to China's Military Strategy - by Timothy Heath 
  • New Skipper at the Helm of NDIC - by Dr. William C. Spracher 
  • Profiles in Intelligence...
    • General Sam: LTG S.V. Wilson as Both Warfighter and Intelligence Supporter of the Fight - by Dr. William C. Spracher 
    • Colonel Walter Nicolai: A Mysterious but Effective Spy - by Dr. Kenneth J. Campbell
  • NMIA Bookshelf...
    • Losing Hearts and Minds? Public Diplomacy and Strategic Influence in the Age of Terror - reviewed by Dr. Anthony D. Mc Ivor
    • Human Intelligence, Counterterrorism, and National Leadership - reviewed by Thomas E. Dowling
    • The Brenner Assignment: The Untold Story of the Most Daring Spy Mission of World War II - reviewed by William T. Liimatainen 
    • The Chief Culprit: Stalin's Grand Design to Start World War II - reviewed by Patrick D. Devenny 
    • Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing - reviewed by LT (USCG) Frank G. Nolan

2010 (Volume 28, Number 1) – Intelligence and the Rule of Law

  • Editor's Desk 
  • Fixing What Isn't Broken: How Congressional Oversight has Adapted to the Unique Nature of the Intelligence Community - by Sterling Marchand
  • Infiltrating American Intelligence: Difficulties Inherent in the Congressional Oversight of Intelligence and the Joint Committee Model - by Patrick Donaldson
  • Improving U.S. Congressional Oversight of Intelligence Services: A Comparative Policy Approach - by Judith K. Boyd 
  • Leashing the Internet Watchdog: Legislative Restraints on Electronic Surveillance in the U.S. and U.K. - by John P. Heekin
  • Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and International Law - by M.E. "Spike” Bowman 
  • The Intelligence Community: Resolving Conflicts between Agencies for National Security - by Rachel Segall
  • Examining the Habeas Corpus Rights of Combat Detainees: The Results of the Maqaleh v. Gates Case - by Carlos Ramos-Mrosovsky 
  • The Birth of Professional Ethos: Some Comparisons among Medicine, Law, and Intelligence Communities - by Dr. Michael M. Andregg
  • Contradictions, Evolution, and Professionalization in the Intelligence Function - by LTC Per-Arne I. Persson and James M. Nyce
  • The Intelligence Community and Private Organizations: Globalization's Effects on This Relationship - by Maj. (USMC) Matthew A. Reiley
  • The Original Privatization of Intelligence: Iran-Contra Revisited - by Ens. (USNR) Scott Glabe
  • A Snapshot of the U.S. Market for Intelligence Education - by Stephen H. Campbell 
  • Leadership in National Security and Intelligence Studies at the Coast Guard Academy - by LCDR (USCG) Toni N. Gay
  • A Peace-Drunk Fighter: Pacifist Norms and the Japanese Intelligence Community - by William O'Rear 
  • Drivers of European Security Intelligence and Counterterrorism: Problems and Possibilities Revisited - by Dr. Doron Zimmermann
  • Reexamining the Relevance of Mao to Post-Modern Insurgency and Terrorism - by Dr. David E. Spencer 
  • Guardian Spies: The Story of Coast Guard Intelligence in World War II (Part II) - by LCDR (USCG) Michael E. Bennett 
  • In My View...
    • A Briefing Yet to Be Delivered: Islamism and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Community - by Mark Silinsky
  • NMIA Bookshelf...
    • Government Secrecy: Classic and Contemporary Readings - reviewed by Bradley Moss
    • Partly Cloudy: Ethics in War, Espionage, Covert Action, and Interrogation - reviewed by Catherine Lotrionte
    • Cash on Delivery: CIA Special Operations during the Secret War in Laos - reviewed by Jon A. Wiant
    • WMD Proliferation: Reforming the Security Sector to Meet the Threat - reviewed by Mark A. Kramar 
  • Recent Publications from NDIC Press - reviewed by COL (USA, Ret) William C. Spracher, EdD
    • The Blue Planet: Informal International Police Networks and National Intelligence
    • Attaché Extraordinaire: Vernon A. Walters in Brazil
    • Democratization of Intelligence: Melding Strategic Intelligence and National Discourse

2010 (Volume 28, Number 2) – Cyber Security and Operations

  • President's Message
  • Editor's Desk
  • Cyber Death in Cyber Time and Cyber Space - by Paul Milton Hobart
  • Cyberspace vs. Cyber Strategy - by CDR Peter J.B. Gottlieb
  • Treasure Trove or Trouble: Cyber-Enabled Intelligence and International Politics - by Dr. Chris Bronk
  • Hallways and Doors: Deception in Cyberspace - by Jason R. Weiss
  • China's First War in the Global Era: Leadership Signaling in the Sino-Vietnam War - by Timothy R. Heath
  • Chairman of NMIA Board of Directors Saluted in Support of Scholarships for Intelligence Studies - by Dr. William C. Spracher 
  • Getting to El Dorado Canyon: The Reagan Administration's 1986 Decision to Bomb Libya - by Michael Moss
  • Teaching Intelligence Analysis with TIACRITIS - by Dr. Georghe Tecuci, Dr. David Schum, Dr. Mihai Boicu, Dr. Dorin Marcu, Dr. Benjamin D. Hamilton, and Dr. Benjamin F. Wible
  • Chinese Corporate Espionage - by Gary Sibeck
  • Kinetic Targeting of U.S. Citizens in the War on Terror: A Legal and Policy Perspective - by Capt (USAF) Eric McCutchen
  • In My View...
    • Intelligence Oversight: Street Fight or Delicate Dance? - by COL (USAR, Ret) William H. Drohan
  • · Profiles in Intelligence series...
    • Liberazione d'Italia: One Woman's War - by Luis Carlos Montalvan
    • The Role of Austro-Hungarian Intelligence in World War I: Andreas Figl: World War I Austrian Codebreaker - by Dr. Kenneth J. Campbell 
    • Maximilian Ronge: Master Spy - by Dr. Kenneth J. Campbell
  • · NMIA Bookshelf...
    • Vaults, Mirrors, and Masks: Rediscovering U.S. Counterintelligence - reviewed by LTC (USA) Anthony Shaffer 
    • Treachery: Betrayals, Blunders, and Cover-ups: Six Decades of Espionage Against America and Great Britain - reviewed by Erik D. Jens 
    • U.S. National Security, Intelligence, and Democracy: From the Church Committee to the War on Terror - reviewed by Charles Carey
    • Intelligence for an Age of Terror - reviewed by MAJ (USA) Douglas W. Zimmerman
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